Caring Together Project

The Caring Together partners have continued to assemble for the bi-monthly meetings which have been hugely successful for all involved. The meetings provide an environment for the Lifestyle Coordinators from each partner to share workplace agendas, as well as what residents are needing or wanting. The events are coordinated collaboratively with the residents in mind.  Each partner has expressed the support they feel from the Caring Together Project, and have shared their resident’s enthusiasm about the project. This project has become part of residents social connection to the community and most of all it brings joy to our elders.

The Caring Together Project has continued in 2018 due to two fundraiser barbecues that we held; one last year at Woolworths and the other in February at Bunnings. People connected to the Caring together Project all came out to support us and helped us on the day to cook sausages. A special thank you to  Erika from  Irving Benson Wesley Mission, Kerry from BUPA Aged Care and Alby from Gilgunya/Wintringham who helped organise the day.

We were also able to continue the Caring Together Events through the ACFE funded course: Intro to Event Volunteering. We had 5 monthly meetings with a group of 4 volunteers learning on what is required and involved to organise events. The 4 volunteers would then participate in helping to set up the events and supporting residents and guests on the day.

We organised events at the partner facilities and off-site excursions to RSNH.

We organised an Easter event in 2018 where the group assisted residents to make paper Easter baskets and filling them with chocolate eggs and decorating them with ribbons on their basket. We also ran an art activity. Residents were able to choose the activity they would like to participate in and we offered a choice of colouring pictures to suit the different interests and capabilities of residents.

One of the other activities we had in 2018 was a sing-along with our community singing group; Singing By Day. We even played the ukulele in the singalong. The residents enjoyed joining in with the singing.

The events are still coordinated collaboratively with residents in mind and what they would enjoy the most.

In March of 2018, we enjoyed a performance by jazz singer Hetty Kate at Irving Benson. We ran a computer lesson activity at Irving Benson. The residents that attended really took interest in learning basic computer skills. Our 4 volunteers took time to support the participants they were also able to use skills they had required while volunteering at these events.

We had a fabulous 2017 Christmas party. Santa came to visit and gave each resident a gift. There was Devonshire tea, Christmas Songs and a Belly dancing performance. There was much happiness in the room and guest and attendees, volunteers and performers went home feeling very happy.

Caring Together Project Coordinator,
Meri Carnovale

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