Introduction to Permaculture

NTRODUCTION TO PERMACULTURE Learn permaculture fundamentals in this hands-on course, combining concepts and practices of sustainability, gardening, horticulture, ecology, community development, design thinking and more. Start your journey in designing sustainable edible spaces and community projects!

Designing Sustainable Food Systems

DESIGNING SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS Get the practical skills and knowledge needed to create a local food system. Learn what a food systems is, how they work and how we can make changes that have a positive impact. Develop skills in transforming waste, closing loops in the system to utilise our resources better and creating shared […]

Urban Gardening Group

URBAN FOOD GARDENING GROUP Learn the foundations of growing plants by working in a fun and relaxed environment. A great way to gain and share skills and knowledge with a hands-on approach. This is a continuing program so people can join any time. Tuesdays 12 – 4pm   

Inclusive Gardening

Join this gardening group with a focus on inclusion, relaxation and making friends in the community garden space. Fridays 10am – 12pm  

Garden Working Bees

Community Garden – Educational Working Bees Reynard Street Community Garden is a space where you can get your hands dirty! Join us for our working bees to lend a hand and gain new skills and knowledge.   Saturdays 9am – 12.00pm Topics include: Basic Pest Management Understanding your Soil Summer Veg Planting Increasing Biodiversity Plant Propagation […]