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The Caring Together Project has continued this year with generous funding from the Grosvenor Foundation. The partners in the project Gilgunya/Wintringham, Bupa, Irving Benson, ACES and Coburg RSL have been invaluable in the organising and hosting of events and are anintegral part to the future of this project.  Part of the Caring Together Project was to establish and develop a Community Singing Group which rehearse weekly. At the end of 2016, a Karaoke machine was purchased with the funding from the Grosvenor Foundation and the group have been using it to sing andpractice for Caring Together events ever since.

To celebrate ‘Christmas in July’, the project partnered with Gilgunya/Wintringham who hosted the event. The room was decorated for Christmas and an entertainer was hired for the residents. The singing group also performed and encouraged residents to participate. The response was overwhelmingly positive from everyone involved.

The Caring Together Project organised an Easter event at Bupa in April of this year. There were art and craft activities for residents where the RRNH volunteers assisted with the making of Easter baskets to fill with eggs, the Community Singing Group performed on the day, and residents, staff and volunteers shared afternoon tea to unwind.

The Caring Together partners have continued to assemble for the bi-monthly meetings which have been hugely successful for all involved. The meetings provide an environment for the Lifestyle Coordinators from each partner to share workplace agendas, as well as what residents are needing or wanting. The events are coordinated collaboratively with the residents in mind.  Each partner has expressed the support they feel from the Caring Together Project, and have shared their resident’senthusiasm about the project. This project has become part of residents social connection to the community and most of all it brings joy to our elders.

Caring Together Project Coordinator,
Meri Carnovale

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